What Is Switchmate?

Snap, Tap, & Start

Just snap the magnetic Switchmate light switch onto any standard light switch, tap the “connect” button on the app on your smart phone, and start your smart house make over. It’s that simple.

The sleek Switchmate makes it effortless to control lighting throughout your house. With features such as “Welcome Home” and “Timers (Auto On/Off)”, you have the power to control the lights in your house at your fingertips.

But what’s the point of having smart home lighting if your hands are full? Switchmate knows when you’re home and can automatically turn on your lights for you, so you never have to enter a dark home again.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 1.11.11 PMConvenience

Why does it seem that smart devices make your life more complicated? We at Switchmate want to switch that.

With Switchmate’s no sweat, no problem set up, smart house lighting could not get easier. Just snap, tap, and start controlling your lights through your phone and see how brilliant basic can be.

No phone on you? No problem! Switchmate has a manual control where you can switch the lights on or off just in case.

Moving? Easy. Switchmate moves with you. Switchmate is connected by magnets, so it can be instantly moved at anytime to any standard light switch that you want. You can even take it when you travel!382 copy

The app? Simple. Just download the app, connect your Switchmate, and instantly control your lights. It’s versatile too! Control one Switchmate by clicking on its icon or control all Switchmates through the“All On/ All Off” feature.

Peace of Mind

It can get expensive leaving your porch lights on all day while you’re away or enjoying a vacation. But on the flip side, it can be unsafe and unsettling to keep your lights off while you’re away from your home too. So what do you do?

De-stress about home security with Switchmate and save energy too! With Switchmate, you can program that porch light or any light to turn on and off with “Programmable Timers” through the app-making it look like you are home.


Coming home to a dark home is never a pleasant experience. With full hands and limited eyesight, finding a light switch is the last thing you want to do.switchmate product shot copy

Brighten up your home with Switchmate and never step foot into a dark home again. With Swtichmate’s “Welcome Home” feature, Switchmate recognizes when you’re arriving home or entering rooms and will turn your lights on for you!


Smart home simplified

Smart homes. Everyone wants them, but why do they seem so impossible to get? With all the re-wiring, the tools, the installation, and the time, how is making a smart home even possible?

Here at Switchmate, we want to help you turn your home into a smart home. So we have created the Switchmate light switch; the first smart home light switch that transforms your home into a smart home in one-second.

What we’re doing

This is a big year for Switchmate! We are rolling out tons of new products in the Smart Home category with cutting edge technology and convenience. Also, keep an eye out for Switchmate through national TV and online advertising. Stay up to date with Switchmate through our social media sites too and tell us what you think!cropped-switchmate-logo-new-5-6-16.jpg