Where can I buy a Switchmate?

Click Here!

I do not have Wi-Fi in my home? Will my Switchmate still work?

Yes! With Switchmate you do not need Wi-Fi to make your smart home come to life. Switchmate connects using its application through Bluetooth.

Is the app free? Where do I download the app?

Yes! The app is 100% free and is compatible with both IOS and Android platforms.

What colors can I get my Switchmate in?

The Switchmate comes in two different colors: white and ivory-for ivory and light almond switch plates.

Does my Switchmate need to be charged?

No it does not! Switchmate comes with 2 AA batteries that last between 8 to 12 months!

What if I have different light switches in my house?

That is no problem at all! Switchmate has two different models to fit over rocker or toggle switches. There is no difference in how the models look.

Can I pair my Switchmate to other smart phones? If so, how many?

Yes! Your Switchmate app is compatible with about 10-12 smart phones depending on what type of phone you have.