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Organizing your Perfect Summer

We’ve all experienced the chaos that the last day of school and first day of summer can bring. Lockers get cleaned out, graded papers are passed back, and the proof of an entire school year disappears into the depths of a single bookbag.

The end of the school year (in our opinion) is like a second chance for spring cleaning. Let’s get organized! Summer is meant to be enjoyed, not stressed about. Here are some of our favorite ideas on how to execute your perfect summer.

  1. Extra school supplies – Donate to a local non profit or community enrichment center. These places are always in need of loose leaf paper, pencils, pens, binders, and art supplies.
  2. Reusable supplies – Collect everything that is reusable for next school year, and pre-pack it in a backpack. When August comes around it’ll be all in one place, ready to go with no stress!
  3. Projects – Keep a few of the most memorable assignments, papers, and art pieces to frame or keep in a memory book, and allow the rest to be recycled. The goal here is to take highlights of the school year, not the entirety of it!
  4. Continued Education – To avoid the brain dump that happens at the close of every year, make it a point to do at least 1 enriching activity with your family per month. Read a short book, go to a museum, or take a wilderness hike! It can be anything that breaks a current routine and will support new learning experiences.
  5. Teach your family to meditate – The science is in! Taking a few minutes everyday to sit in silence is incredibly healthy for the human body, and is proven to decrease stress and anxiety, and improve cognitive thinking and creativity.
    1. Pick a comfortable time of day, morning or early afternoon is best.
    2. Take a seat on a pillow or cushion, and if it’s comfortable criss-cross your legs.
    3. Decide – music or no music. (If opting for tunes, choose a looping selection with no lyrics that won’t be distracting. Youtube is a great tool for finding relaxing sounds!)
    4. Set a timer! Start with just 5 minutes and work up to 10 minutes.
    5. Close your eyes and observe! Listen to the breath moving in and out, feel your chest rise and fall, and recognize your heartbeat. This is the practice of being present.
    6. Lead by example – if you have young children encourage them to explain their experience and feelings afterwards.
    7. When you’re done, let the practice be done! It’s really that simple. Repeat everyday and notice what starts to happen.

Good luck with the second spring clean, we hope everyone has a great summer!

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