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Elevate your Home’s Lighting Features

Happy June! Now that we are halfway through 2017, we wanted to share our favorite lighting fixture trends of the year (so far). Read on for design industry forecasts, styling advice, and tips and tricks to kick up the wow factor of your home.

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Mid-Century Modern and Industrial Modern aren’t going anywhere…
With clean lines and tranquil minimalist shapes, the iconic and timeless qualities of these styles have proven that they are here to stick around.

How to get the look:

  • Go raw – adding an antique bronze or brushed nickel finish to a metal fixture will perfectly compliment exposed beams or wooden accents.
  • Think monochrome – when painting your home, neutral hues that spotlight concrete, steel, or wood will all work to combine exceptionally with your metal fixture.
  • Modern furnishing – allow yourself to explore the excitement of a round chair or the enjoy the simple functionality of a low profile coffee table. Grab an accent piece (or two) and don’t be afraid to create outside the box!
  • Oversized fixtures – a staple in making any dining room or walk-in closet a stand out is adding an over sized lighting fixture. Now, this doesn’t have to be a jumbo chandelier, (although we are totally drooling over this set-up) pick a style that fits your personal and family needs.
  • Nature Inspired – the best design is always rooted in nature itself; with rich colors, unique patterns, and elegant textures woven through every detail.


Go round with pendants (and GOLD!)
These unique styles started rolling out in 2016, and 2017 has proven to love them even more! The orbs add a polished element of balance to any space, and the geometric patterned pendants remind us all to loosen up and have fun with bringing sophistication to a room.

“Gold isn’t going anywhere. In fact it bigger than ever. Silver is out. The trend will last 7-10 years so starting investing in the color.” – Gates Interior Design

What’s the best part about all of these lighting design features?
Every single fixture can be controlled with a variety of settings with the Switchmate. Pick one up at many of our international retailers, or at

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