Do It Yourself

Want to save a little Energy this Spring?

Spring has finally arrived in many areas. Coming in on Spring’s heels will be bright sunny summer days, soaring temperatures, and the inevitable higher energy use, and sadly, subsequent bills.

With Earth Day right around the corner, we realize there are so many easy ways we can do our part to use less energy and enjoy the added benefit of lower costs on our monthly bill.  We wanted to share some simple ways we’ve learned, how you can reap the rewards of saving energy while helping the community around you.

Here are a couple of easy things you can try today…

  1. If forgetting to turn off lights, fans or lowering your thermostat when you leave the house is a problem, start using one of the many smart home products that can solve those issues.  For instance, with Switchmate you can set a timer to turn off your lights & fans and have them turn back on later to cool down & light up the house right before you arrive.  No longer will they need to be on all day!
  2. Avoid using your oven around 3-6 pm when temperatures in the home are hottest. Cook early in the day or late at night when its cooler and then warm up dinner on the stove top.  Cook dinner, on low, in a crock pot.  Things like this, help keep your home cooler and there is less need for extra fans & air conditioning during this time. You could even go outside and use the grill to cook dinner.
  3. Close your blinds during the day and make sure your windows are shut.  This keeps the cooler morning air in and helps shield the house from the direct sunlight during the day, keeping it cooler inside.
  4. We often forget to shut off our kitchen and bathroom fans.  Make sure to turn those off.  If you have your home cool or are using air conditioners, that air is going right up those types of vents, so don’t leave them on longer than you need to.
  5. Plant trees on your property.  Not only are they good for the environment but they provide shade coverage for your home.  How about planting some fruit trees and have the perk of growing fresh fruit in your backyard at the same time!

While this is just a couple of ideas, there are so many little ways to do your part and a lot of ideas are simple to accomplish. So don’t be afraid to try.  Save some energy this spring, we promise you wont regret it.

We want to hear your ideas! If you have any easy energy saving tips, please leave them below in the comments.

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