Smart Homes Defined

Is Smart Home Automation for you?

Smart Home Automation is not just for the highly technical, overly nerdy or mechanically inclined.  It really is on the way to becoming the future for all homes, existing and new. Since there are so many smart devices on the market today, almost anyone can make some or all of their home into becoming a “Smart Home”.

So what does Smart Home even mean?  The term, Smart Home really just means that a computer or a cell phone is used for programming the home’s environment, its devices or its appliances.  You might have seen coffee pots that turn on right before you wake up and brew your favorite blend or crock pots that start hours after you have left the house to cook at the right time, your favorite meal, so you can come home and it is all ready to eat.  A light that comes on when you walk by, lighting up the yard. These are all types of devices that make your home, a Smart Home.

So what are some of the benefits to having a Smart Home?  Well, the biggest benefit to having a Smart Home is that it makes your life easier and is more cost efficient. Its simple really, when you don’t have to have your lights on all day, you are saving energy and who doesn’t want to see a little savings on their energy bills? Being able to turn down your thermostat when you just don’t need it up, is just a good idea. Smart Home Automation can also provide added security to your environment. With motion detection lights that turn on when you come home and light your walkway or doorway eliminating spooky and dark areas.  Lights that turn on and off, at a set time each day making it appear you’re home when you are really away.  Cameras that only record when something comes into frame.  These are things that can make you feel more safe. Something everybody wants. All these things are benefits of having a Smart Home and the easy part…most of these things can be done with a simple cell phone app!

So, if you haven’t started to turn your home into a Smart Home.  It is probably time to start. You don’t have to spend lots of money.  Just figure out what your specific needs are and go from there.  Use Smart Home Automation to solve life’s stuff.  If you are always late for work because you have to wait for the coffee to brew.  Get a coffee maker that you can set the timer to come on a few minutes before you wake and turn off when you leave.  If you hate to get out of bed when you’re done reading to turn off the light, get a device that you can turn off with your cell phone with the click of a button from your bed or even better you can have it voice activated. If you have a child that likes to fall asleep with the lights on, get something that enables you to set a timer and have it go off an hour after bedtime. Can’t reach your light switches?  Get a device where you can use your phone to turn them on and off.  Just don’t be intimidated, there is no need. There is Smart Home Automation for every level of skill and need. So go ahead, jump right in because we are pretty sure Home Automation is for you!

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