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Want a Way to Automate Your Lights with an Easy Solution?

“I’ve never seen an easier process to get started with smart home technology so quickly.”

A lifestyle site, WellConnectedMom.com helps busy mothers find simple technology that works for their schedules. Lori, the writer of the article talks about how simple it is to set up Switchmate! It easily snaps on to the little screws of your switch plate and VOILA, you’re done! After attaching your Switchmate to a switch, she downloads the Switchmate App and connects it to her smart phone. Lori says she’s never seen an easier process when it comes to smart home technology!

She not only tells you how simple Switchmate’s set up is, but also the many ways to use it for various switches. Lori lists 10 ideas for you to use Switchmate!

  1. Turn on the garage light when your car pulls into the garage.
  2. Turn on the porch light or light in entry hall as you approach your front door.
  3. Control your lights in your family room to turn them off during a movie or flip them on for a bathroom break.
  4. Turn on your ceiling fan from your couch or bed (if your fan turns on through a wall light switch).
  5. Turn or and off your lights at different times of the day while on vacation.
  6. Take while traveling to turn off the light in your hotel room!
  7. Use a timer to automatically turn off your child’s bedroom light after so many minutes.
  8. Use a timer to turn on lights automatically in the morning…like your child’s lights when it’s time to wake up.
  9. Turn on an outside light for security every night at a certain time and turn off at a certain time every night.
  10. Have a fireplace with a switch?  Put Switchmate on it to now automate your fireplace!

Lori adds to ways you can control Switchmate through its compatibility to the Wink Hub 2! Connect your Switchmate to your Wink Hub 2 and be able to also control your Switchmate not only through the companion apps, but by voice too with the hub’s voice control capability!

From a mother’s perspective, Lori considers Switchmate a win because Switchmate has so many uses and benefits with its features. Lori can move her Switchmate easily around within her home to attach to different switches and she especially looks forward to taking her Switchmate with her even when she travels! Read the rest of the article here!

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