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Connect Switchmate to your Wink Hub 2!

September of last year, Switchmate shared its exciting news about its upcoming compatibility with Wink. After great efforts from both teams at Switchmate and Wink, the day is finally here!

Just this past week, Wink released a new Wink app update (version 5.5) that now allows you to add your Switchmate to your Wink Hub 2 – to marry the benefits of Switchmate’s no tools smart lightning with Wink’s powerful smart hub, making Switchmate able to be controlled through Wi-Fi and though voice as well.

Users with the Wink Hub 2 can now control any switch with a Switchmate over it regardless of where they are. Control your Switchmates by voice – see how Greg on Facebook turns on his fireplace with his Switchmate through Wink and its voice control feature here! Or watch Paris on Instagram control his ceiling fan using Switchmate and the Wink Hub 2 here!

Not sure what Wink Hubs are? Well Wink Hubs connect other smart home devices you have in your home and make them talk to each other – all in one handy place on their Wink App where you can control at your fingertips. If you have other smart hubs in your home, the integration with the Wink Hub 2 will let you connect your Switchmate to additional smart home systems like Amazon Echo.

Let us know how you’re liking this compatibility between Switchmate and Wink!

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