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Switchmate Featured on KWCH 12 News “Does It Work” – YES!

Switchmate was reviewed by the local Kansas news station, KWCH 12 News during their segment “Does It Work Wednesday”. So what was their final answer? Well of course they said YES!

During this segment, Alex walks KWCH through the simple installation of snapping the Switchmate over his light switch and just like that, Alex was turning the light on and off through his phone. He then continues to demonstrate other key exciting features that Switchmate has to offer, like the Timers and Welcome Home features.

He showed how simple it was to set up Switchmate’s Timers that turns lights on/off automatically at preset times. The neat part about the Timers is that they will continue to turn the lights on and off, even when you are away from home for increased security and peace of mind while you’re away from home. Just set the timers through the free app and never worry about turning your front porch light on or off again!

Alex also walked KWCH through the Welcome Home feature by demonstrating just how it works. As Alex walked up from his driveway and entered him home, Switchmate automatically turned the light on as he entered! With this feature, you never have to worry about entering a dark home or room again, which is pretty cool!

Overall when KWCH asked Alex their infamous question for “Does It Work Wednesday” Alex expressed said yes! Take a look at the segment here!

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