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5 Ways You Can Use Your Switchmate!

Switchmate was recently reviewed by lifestyle blog, Mother Daughter Projects on different ways on how to use a Switchmate. Do you have a hard to reach light switch? Place a Switchmate on it and make it easier! Do you want to control your fireplace switch during the winter time? Snap on a Switchmate and start controlling the switch from your smart phone! Lastly, want to arrive home with your porch lights already turned on? Set the Timer on your Switchmate and your lights will turn on and off! Or you can set up the Welcome Home feature to have your light automatically turn on as you arrive home or enter a room!

There’s various ways and places to snap your Switchmate on and its set up is simple! All you’ll need to do is Snap your Switchmate onto your light switch, Tap the Switchmate App to set up your device after downloading from the App Store, and Start enjoying Switchmate’s many benefits!

Check out Mother Daughter Projects’ video on more ideas on how you can use your Switchmate!

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