Wonder What Having Switchmate Can Do For You? Lets Take a Look at the Timers Feature!


You know with Switchmate you are able to control your lights with your smartphone, but how you ask. Well let us tell you about one of the many features! We’ll first take a look at the timers feature.

Timers – Want your light to turn on and off when you are away? Let Switchmate take care of that for you!

Start Time.png

Switchmate’s timers feature automatically turns your lights on and off at preset times even when you are away from your home. You can make it look like someone is home even if nobody actually is! This feature is especially great to use when you go on vacation because you won’t have to worry about having a dark home while you’re away.

Also, we all know the holiday season is among us and some of us like to decorate our home with holiday themed lights. Ever forget to turn on your festive decorations and then also forget to turn them off? Don’t let your lights burn out during this holiday season. A benefit to creating a timer on your Switchmate is that you save energy because your lights don’t have to be left on all night long!

Setting timers not only takes care of turning your lights on and off for you, but the feature also helps you become more energy efficient and provides you a sense of security for your home. With timers, lights are on only during a designated time, and turn off when the time is up thus saving you the hassle, energy, and a few dollars on your next energy bill! The timers feature will also give you peace of mind when you know your lights are turned on and off for you while you’re away from home. Switchmate gives the effect that someone is controlling your lights even when no one is! Don’t leave your home in the dark, but also don’t leave the lights running 24/7!

Switchmate has two settings available on how you can select times for your timers:

  1. Preset specific times for when your lights will turn on and off
    • For example, if you arrive home around 5PM and go to bed around 9PM, set your Switchmate timer to turn on at 4:30PM so you don’t walk up to a dark home. Then have your lights turn off at 11PM to keep your house well lit for a short time after you go to bed to fend off unwanted behavior around your home. Don’t worry about leaving your lights on throughout the night but also have your lights act as a security blanket for your home.
  2. Choosing the Sunrise and Sunset options for when your lights will turn on and off
    • The Sunrise and Sunset options optimize prime hours of when to turn your lights on and off when the sun isn’t shining. Your Switchmate knows when the sun sets and when it rises thus keeping your home lit when the sun can’t. For example, with these options your lights can turn on when the sun sets at 4:35PM and then turn off when the sun rises at 5:50AM. It’s a great setting to have if you prefer not to have specific preset times for your timer!

Additional Settings: Repeat and Label

  1. The Repeat option allows your timers to function the same time for certain days, weekdays, or even everyday. You just have to select the days of the week you would like your timer to turn your lights on and off.
  2. The Label option allows you to rename your timers instead of the default name it is initially given. You get to personalize your timer however you like!

   new-timers   Repeat.png

Did you know about all these customized settings that the timers feature offers? Next time you open your Switchmate App and create a timer, don’t forget about these settings: Sunset and Sunrise, Repeat, and Labeling your timer to get the best experience with your Switchmate!

Stay tuned for more as we also take a look at the Welcome Home feature and Tap On, Tap Off!

2 thoughts on “Wonder What Having Switchmate Can Do For You? Lets Take a Look at the Timers Feature!”

  1. Hi I need some help.with this app to turn the timer switch on or off… I know it sounds sill but the app I have for setting the timers turn on at night and off at sunrise does not have the setting for off / on only has an enable switch but doesn’t show which way is off or on when engaged.. to the left it is white to the right it turns blue but doesn’t show if it on or off.. the enable doesn’t do anything when the switch is moved? I have my timers set correct that I know… just confusing.. just nee to know which way is on/off left or right..grrrrrr


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