It’s All About The App

Do you ever feel that some apps on your smart phone just aren’t that smart? With the fine print, the crowded presentation, the many buttons, and the pop up ads flooding your vision, when did apps become so complicated?

3.0 Home Off
When you open the blue Switchmate app on your smart phone, you open up clarity, simplicity, control, and personalization. No more getting frustrated with complicated apps! Finally the perfect combination: a simple smart device with less than one-second installation and a straightforward app…we want everyone to have smart home technology! Don’t believe me? Well here is just how simple the Switchmate app is and some of its special features.

Adding A Device: Effortless

By pressing the + in the upper right corner, your Switchmate is ready to be added to the app. Then you have two choices: “walk me through the install” or “just pair my device, I’ll take it from there”. I would recommend choosing the first option of “walk me through the install”. From there, the app will give you a few simple steps to follow and just like that you now control your lights from your smart phone.

If you have a Switchmate already, you probably remember the effortless set up, and can just pair your device and get control over your lights in one-second.


2.14.1 Select icon HighlightThe app encourages your personal touch. It allows you to name the light switch as well as pick a symbol that goes along with that light switch. The set up is totally personal and can be easily changed too, making how you customize your Switchmate app exclusive to you and only you.

The Welcome Home Feature

One of my favorite features on the Switchmate app is the “Welcome Home” feature. It puts the smart in smart lighting. This feature will automatically turn on your Switchmate once a day during a selected period time. So say you get home from work usually between 7-8PM. You can set that time on the welcome home feature, and once you come into range with your Switchmate, your light will turn on. Pretty cool huh? No more worrying about walking into a dark home, or wasting energy keeping the lights on all day!

Timers5.3 Timer Home

The “Timers” feature is a really convenient tool to have. This feature allows you to pick a time that you want your lights to come on and off, and allows you to choose what days you want this timer to begin. If you want your lights on every Sunday from 8PM to 8AM, they will be on every Sunday from 8PM to 8AM. And if you want it on every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday, that works too! It is solely up to you and how you want to personalize you Switchmate! P.S. this feature is great for outside lighting.

Reverse Feature 

Don’t worry about if your light switches turn on if they are in the off position. If you have flipped light switches, the Switchmate app can quickly and easily change that. Just swipe the reverse button on, and you are ready to go!


See – Switchmate really is smart and simple! Get your Switchmate here!


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