4 Ways to Save Money and Stay Warm This Fall


The leaves are falling, the afternoons are getting darker… break out that pumpkin spice latte, because fall is here!

While the Switchmate team is busy working on an awesome product for you, we wanted to share a few tips on how you can save some money and keep cozy and warm this season.

1. Keep your heater down a few degrees when no one’s home.

No one likes coming home to a freezing house, which is why it’s incredibly common to find renters and homeowners leaving their heater on while they are at the office or away from home. But don’t let those dollars go to waste!

If you like your apartment at a comfortable 76 degrees, don’t have it running at that high temperature all day. Set your thermostat to 68-70 degrees, and adjust it higher when you arrive home. Your heater is more efficient when it runs at a constant temperature, and it takes less time for your room get toasty once you’re settling in and lounging in the living room.

Pro Tip: Many modern apartments and thermostats have timers that can do this automatically. You can find some great ones at your local home improvement store

2. Put your main lights on timers

As it starts getting darker earlier and earlier, a good way to make you and your loved ones feel safe is to come home to a lit house. You may feel tempted to leave your porch light or street-facing light on all the time, but it can put a drain on your energy bills.

Switchmate beta testers have raved about putting their switch-operated porch lights on a timer, so they don’t have to look for their keys in the dark or have the lights on for their kids if they are running late. If you have a bedroom or living room lamp plugged into the wall, pick up a few mechanical vacation timers that turn on a 4:30pm and turn off at 8pm.

Pro Tip: Switch out your old lightbulbs to energy efficient models. You can browse and pick high-rated brands on Amazon.

3. Invest in high-quality wool or down blankets

Sometimes central heating isn’t an option for renters and homeowners – whether by design or by choice! If you want a long-lasting, environmentally-friendly way of staying warm this fall and winter season, consider investing in a wool or down blanket.

Wool and down blankets are a chic, comfortable way to bring style to your bedroom or living room. Although quality does come with a price premium, when properly cared for, these products can last forever, stretching out the savings over multiple seasons and even become family heirlooms. Pendleton and Faribault are timeless wool options with beautiful designs, while L.L. Bean has down blankets for every room and occasion .

Pro Tip: You can save money from the initial cost by buying from a reputable seller on eBay or Etsy.

4. Switch to seasonal winter drapes

Beautiful drapes can add beauty and functionality to every home in minutes. Many homes keep the same drapes year-round to fit in with the room’s decor, but creating seasonal drape options can help cut down energy costs, especially for older homes with less efficient windows or if your heating vents are placed near them.

A heavyweight fabric for the fall and winter seasons  help maintain home’s temperature by preventing heat from escaping through the windows and cold drafts coming in from outside. By switching out a Fall/Winter and Spring / Summer set, you can take that opportunity to clean the unused drapes of allergens and dust.

Pro Tip: If a bright streetlight or blinking Christmas lights drive you crazy at night, dark, heavy drapes also block out light disturbances and promote healthy sleep.

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