Pejman Mar Summer Program

Last spring was a crucial point for our company; Rob had taken leave from his Ph.D and Daniel and I quit our jobs to pursue Switchmate full time.  We realized that we would need investment, but more importantly mentorship and guidance.   We applied and were accepted to the Summer Founder’s Program for Pejman Mar Ventures.


A total of 8 teams were accepted to the program and they were quite diverse – ranging from ordering platforms to an intelligent scoring system for teachers.  The program was a phenomenal experience where we would present our progress, challenges, and goals in a weekly meeting.  But we also had fun – we gathered around to watch the World Cup together!


Beyond the mentorship we received from Pejman and Mar, we also had the opportunity to listen to great speakers and entrepreneurs from top investment firms and companies.  We were also given time to meet them one-on-one to get feedback on our ideas and future growth.


Upon completion of the program, Pejman Mar Ventures did an official seed round investment for Switchmate, which has been monumental in getting us to where we are now.  We currently work out of their office and love the environment they have created (the Game Boy mural is awesome!).

They will be accepting 5 teams this year and the deadline for applications is April 20th so we highly encourage you to take a look at their Summer Founder’s Program!  (Note: One member of your team must have attended Stanford within the past 3 years).

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