3 Ways Switchmate Makes Your Life Easier

Life can be tough these days. Bosses, trips, networking, errands, cleaning, car maintenance, bills, insurance, taxes, stress, and busyness are just a few of the things making our lives harder. Why not try to make our lives a little easier?

Here at Switchmate all we have to say is: Challenge Accepted!

1. Turn the Lights On and Off From Anywhere

We’ve all had that long day when we collapsed in bed, got all comfortable, and then realized we would have to get back out of bed to turn the lights off. We hate that!

Or what about if you snuggle up on the couch for a movie, popcorn in hand, just to realize the lights are glaring at the screen. Not fun!

With Switchmate that will never happen to you again. Our one-of-a-kind snap on light switch cover links to your smart phone so you can turn them on or off anywhere in your home. Whether you are on the couch, in bed, or lying in a hammock in the backyard, you can flip that switch from anywhere around your home.

2. Set Vacation Timers Easily with Our App

Old, clunky, ugly vacation timers are hard to use, only work on lamps with an outlet, and can only turn on and off on a regular schedule every day. They do a little to secure your home, but for the work and predictability are not ideal.

From your phone you can set and forget about your lights so you can focus on what you should be doing on vacation, relaxing.

The Switchmate app will let you set a regular schedule or log in from anywhere with an internet connection to turn the lights on and off or adjust your schedule with a few taps on your screen.

3. Put It Anywhere In Your Home

Switchmate installs with two high power magnets that click on top of your existing light switch. No need to use tools or a screwdriver to install or remove Switchmate from any standard light switch.

If you want to keep Switchmate in your bedroom most of the time but move it into the living room for movie night or a back patio switch when you are hosting a barbeque, you can move your Switchmate in seconds.

And if you are renting, you don’t have to get landlord permission or worry about damaging your home or leaving your beloved Switchmate behind. Take it with you and place it anywhere you’d like with ease.

Switchmate Makes Life Easier

While we can’t take care of errands or do your taxes for you, we can make one part of your life a little easier. At Switchmate we are all about making smart lighting simple. No expensive computers or special bulbs to install. No programming or coding needed.

Just click Switchmate into place, pair it with your phone, and you are up and running. It just takes minutes to get started and you can save a little time and sleep a little easier knowing Switchmate is there making your lighting convenient and simple.

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