Fall Prevention for the Elderly

While young people can easily bounce back from a fall, for seniors it can be a devastating experience. Whether you regularly care for an aging loved one or just want to help keep someone you know safe, Switchmate can help you keep your family in a safe space so they don’t take an unnecessary tumble.

A Well Lit Home is a Safe Home

For anyone, a well-lit home is safer than a dark one. Not only can you see across the house for a feeling of safety and security, but you can illuminate possible trip hazards before they become a problem.

Seniors have a harder time with eyesight as they age, and seeing in the dark can be particularly difficult. What many of us see as a dimly lit stair, a rug on a hardwood floor, or a chair leg hanging out by the table are much more difficult to see with aging eyes, and those small obstacles can become a serious trip hazard.

According to the CDC, one in every three adults over the age of 65 has a fall each year. A fall can lead to small fractures and bruises or serious injuries such as a broken hip, head trauma, or even a fatal injury.

Why take a risk when it comes to the lives of our aging family and friends when there are simple, inexpensive options to keep them safe.

Switchmate Makes Smart Lighting Simple

While we have all laughed at commercials for items like The Clapper in the past, the days of awkward, expensive smart home products are behind us.

At Switchmate, we believe in making smart lighting simple. Forget about clapping or going to expensive, hard-to-use panels to control your entire house. Today you can control your lights from your phone with a simple app.

Switchmate installs in seconds and doesn’t require any wiring or lighting, and it costs less than $100 to control a light switch in a bedroom, kitchen, or any other part of the home.

It is so easy a child, or grandparent, can do it. You can install our simple Switchmate hardware on a visit to your loved one, and they can turn the lights on and off at the switch with the push of a button or with their smartphone from anywhere in the house.

Even better, multiple family members can connect via the Hub and you can help them turn the lights on from anywhere in the world with the tap of a button.

Protect Your Family Today

With such a simple option to keep your family safe at such a reasonable price, it is hard to afford not to add Switchmate to protect a senior in your life. Whether your parent, grandparent, or a family friend could benefit from a safer, well-lit home, don’t wait any longer.

You can join our email list to get early bird pricing and become a part of the Switchmate family. Sign up for our next announcement today!

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