Home Automation Doesn’t Have to Cost Thousands

When I was growing up, I watched the Jetsons and dreamed of my own flying cars, robot maids, and other futuristic technologies. Now, in 2014, many of these home technologies are real. We actually can have robots vacuum our houses, we really can install smart thermostats, and lighting automation is on the way to homes around the world. It used to be that only the superrich could afford home automation, but thanks to companies like Switchmate, home automation is in reach for the rest of us.

The Old World of Home Automation

When home automation first came around, homes required extensive wiring and electrical work to install any home automation equipment. With a full team of professional installers and electricians, building a home automation system cost thousands of dollars.

Old home technologies allowed for some centralized light controls, a centralized entertainment system, multi-zone thermostat controls, and a security and lock system.

Those systems were operated through a central panel in the home with wires going out to every light, speaker, TV, lock, and room of the house. Each wire had to be custom built in through the walls and ceilings to reach all ends of the home.

Lucky for us, technology has progressed and those types of systems are not needed anymore.

Home Automation for the Rest of Us

With improved computers, processors, and technologies, there is little need for a $10,000 home automation system. With your smart phone, home automation can start at less than $100.

If you want a smart thermostat, you can find one that installs quickly and easily for under $300. The Nest Thermostat costs $249 and works with your phone to keep your house comfortable and save you money on your power bill.

Want to fill your home with sound? The Sonos wireless speaker system doesn’t use any wires. You can control it from your phone or your computer and costs hundreds to get started, not thousands.

Want a robot to vacuum while you are away from home? The iRobot Roomba isn’t quite the maid from the Jetsons, but it can get you started with your own robot vacuum.

Get Started with Switchmate

At Switchmate, we are focused on making home automation affordable. Our flagship Switchmate light switch installs in less than five seconds, and at a low early bird rate you can automate multiple lights for under $100.

There are no wires. You can control any light switch in your home from your phone, or any internet connected device, from your bed, backyard, office, or across the world on vacation.

This is what home automation is today. You can get started with Switchmate. Smart lighting made simple.

To make sure you don’t miss out on our early bird pricing, sign up for the email list today at Switchmate.

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