Use Light Timers to Keep Your Home Safer

Whether you live in an urban city or a rural countryside, feeling safe at home is very important. Keeping you and your family clear of danger and feeling comfortable is much easier with home automation tools not available just a few years ago. Smart camera, alarm, and security systems are great, but you can start simple, and inexpensively, with a home lighting automation system.

Give the Appearance of Being Home and Keep Burglars Away

When would-be burglars are out planning their next score, they often do plenty of research on the home before break-in day. They watch for the owner schedules, the comings and goings of neighbors, and try to find a time when the owners will be away from home so they can safely enter, take what they want, and move on without getting caught.

One thing burglars look at is when people are around and when you go to bed at night. Want to scare the burglars away from your house? Make your house look safe, alive with activity, and not worth the effort.

Light timers are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get your home off the list. A home this is dark for a few evenings in a row signals “vacation” to a robber. But you can control your lights from your phone, or with timers, with great, new technologies.

Set your lights on a schedule to turn on in the evening and off around a late bed time. Set different rooms to light up at different times. Switch your porch light on and off even when you are a long way from home. Setting the schedule from a phone, or any web connected device, makes it even better.

Walk into a Comfortable, Well Lit Home

Whether you are a woman living alone or a family, walking into a dark, empty house or apartment can be a nerve racking experience. Until you find that first switch on the wall, you can’t see ten feet away, let alone across the room.

Imagine this instead. After a night out on the town with your friends, you come home and park. Before you get out of the car, you open the Switchmate app and with a couple of taps, your entire home lights up.

You walk into a cozy, warmly lit entry and feel safe and comfortable as you walk in.

Keep it Simple with Switchmate

With Switchmate, this is not a dream or a futuristic movie. This is today. This is now.

Switchmate’s team of engineers is working hard every day to make smart lighting simple. Each Switchmate installs in just seconds without even using a screwdriver. Our smart light switches connect to your existing switch with rare earth magnets that work hard so you don’t have to.

Once installed, you can connect to your phone with our native app in minutes. With just the tap of a finger, your lights are on or off from anywhere in your home, or you can set a timer that works while you are away.

Our optional Switchmate Hub allows you to turn your lights on and off from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. That lighting control comes to you with the simplicity only Switchmate can deliver.

Home Security Tips?

Do you have any home security tips you want to share? Please let us know in the comments.

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