Who We Are

Since this is our new blog and all, we figured that we should talk a little about who we are. Our goal is to make Switchmate awesome, and the only way to do that is with your help! We’re not just saying that either. Right now we run user tests daily to see how we can make our site better. Pretty soon we’ll be doing it with our app and product, and we’ll need beta testers to catch our stupid mistakes.

So let’s start with me. I’m Robert, and I’m a former Stanford PhD student in robotics. I originally chose to study robotics because I absolutely love building things. I’ve built a number of crazy things like a remote-controlled marshmallow shooter, a human-sized chess playing robot, and an RC boat that you control by swinging a Nordic hammer prop. Switchmate is no exception and even started as a fun class project. I work on it 24/7 now and I still get excited every time it flips the lights. Here’s a picture of me below taken just for you guys.


Next up is Ashish. We met as undergrads in college along with Daniel and have been friends for a long time. Ashish has a Masters in EE and specializes in minimizing power consumption, something that happens to be very important for Switchmate. He hates it when I take pictures of him, so let’s see how long this photo stays up.


Daniel is the third member of our team and also a friend from undergrad. He is in charge of most of our design work and keeps our site and video looking good. He will be leading our work with design firms to make Switchmate and our app the best they can be. Daniel has also been accepted to Harvard Business School, but is delaying it to work with us on Switchmate.


So that’s the team! As we continue our work, we’ll try to keep our blog up-to-date and will probably take turns posting. We have plenty of stuff to share, especially some of our funnier failures, so stay tuned!

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